Hyundai Learning Center provides programs such as Global Communication, Expatriate Training, and KOTRA Academy (Regional Expert) - all professionally developed to help individuals in charge of overseas businesses to successfully perform their international duties

Global Communication
Global Business Professionals English / Chinese / Special languages

Foreign language course that is specially developed for individuals in charge of overseas businesses so they can successfully perform their international duties. Participants will stay together during this course.

Highlights of the Course
5-week intensive business language training while staying together in Korea.
English only environment : English speaking environment created during the whole learning session in small groups of around 8 participants (more than 70% immersion environment for Chinese and special languages).
One-on-one coaching with an instructor or a coordinator to have more time for individual communication and to identify and solve problems, if any.
Course Objective
To enhance business communication skills required for overseas businesses.
To be able to understand different cultures and to obtain skills for international presentations, meetings, documentation, and negotiation.
To acquire local information through understanding the culture, society, history and business environment of the country being dispatched to.

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Module Key Content
Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5
Fundamental Skills (English) Discussions & Mini Speech​/ Practical Media Listening
(Special Languages) Pronunciation and basic grammar/ speaking, listening, writing, and reading practice
Business Communication Skills (English) Biz Conference Calls/ Writing/ Presentation/ Meeting & Negotiation
(Special Languages) Expressions in a business setting and communication practice on various topics and situations
Global Competence (English) Business & Culture/ Global Leadership and Management
(Common) Understanding local history and culture, economic and business environment, traditions and business practices

* Customized learning is available based on separate consultation on schedules and program.

Expatriate Pre-departure Training
HRI expatriate trainings help:
Understand their role as expatriates, strengthen their global management skills, learn effective local business management skills tailored to the country of residence, and do case studies
Get practical advice and coaching customized to the region, and duties based on their dispatch information in a group setting
Key Learning Content
글로벌 일반 역량 아이콘
General Global Skills

·Understanding the global management environment

·Role of expatriates

·Managing local employees and resolving conflicts

지역연구 교육 아이콘
Regional research and education

·Understanding the country of residence (local history, society, politics, economy)

·Managing local business risks (local business-related human resources/labor and laws)

어학 교육 (영/특수어) 아이콘
Language Training (English/ special languages)

·Group or 1:1 lessons according to the language of destination country
(in English or in Special languages)

KOTRA Academy (Regional Expert)
KOTRA-HYUNDAI Global Academy:
Provides a key, practical course created by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and Hyundai Learning Center
Is equipped with a wide range of educational curriculum for regional experts and overseas market development professionals
Has about 500 professional instructors from KOTRA and relevant institutions; and provides up-to-date local market information from 119 trade centers across the world
Provides customized domestic/overseas consignment training
Educational Programs

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Category Main Content
Regional Expert Training ·To analyze and understand emerging market economies and their industrial trends
·To manage relevant risks upon entering overseas markets
·To implement effective strategies by studying successful/unsuccessful cases of other companies
Overseas Market Development Professional Training by Industry ·To understand industrial trends based on strategic regions and current status of entering overseas markets
·To understand characteristics of industrial markets and their system
·To implement strategies for entering foreign markets and to study successful cases